Published scientific paper: “Comprehensive Lipid Profile of ‘Maraština’ Grape Skins from Dalmatia”

The fourth paper was published as part of the HRZZ WINE AROMAS project, and the second with the support of STSM grant funded under COST Action CA 17111 in collaboration with Research and Innovation Center – Fondazione Edmund Mach. The results of the lipid composition in the grape skin of Maraština variety obtained by a metabolic approach using the UHPLC-MS/MS method in Metabolomic Unit under supervison of our collaborator Dr Urska Vrhovsek were presented.

Boban, A.; Masuero, D.; Vrhovsek, U.; Budić-Leto, I.* Comprehensive Lipid Profile of ‘Maraština’ Grape Skins from Dalmatia. Applied Sciences 202313, 6446. (Q2)

The paper is available at the link: